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Our Limoncello is a bright lemon liqueur invented in 2017. We use 10 times the lemons and half the sugar the traditional recipe. 

Limoncello is also available as a 50ml miniature here.

Allergen: lemon
Vegan: Yes

This version contains ten times more lemons and much less sugar than the classic recipe. Leave in the freezer until you want to drink it. It will freeze, but will defrost quickly at room temperature. Pour into a small glass. The colder this drink is served, the better.

Why do we bother with the immense hassle that is making Limoncello? It's not because our favourite day is peeling hundreds of lemons. It's because it's the best. We used ten times the lemons most recipes call for, just to see what happened. We had to balance out the sugar a little bit, but the end product is really impressive, and we are very happy. We wish there was more of it, but there's not, so this is only ever on the website for a short time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

History of the Myatt's Fields Limoncello 

One of our dearest and most loved friends, and best man at the infamous wedding where we first made the cocktails, Marco, is a fan of Limoncello.

We are too, but maybe not to the same degree. With the idea of a limited edition special birthday present we collected together all the best ingredients we could, and let them sit for a couple of months. We were very pleased with the depth of the yellow colour. We went for a less sweet mix than you usually get, because we like sour things. We bottled it up with a picture of Marco on the front, and prepared a dinner.

So, you can imagine the trepidation when we unveiled our present. We had a room full of Italians. It was basically the same as arriving in Sorrento and presenting a drink made in London with Turkish lemons. We had low expectations.

A few hours later, and two litres of were gone. We had received and we were very pleased. This is now in our portfolio, but it is made to order, with a lead time of three months. It has a shelf life of about a year. For a celebration, it is pretty fantastic – especially if people like lemons.