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The Point Blank is a summer martini, with ripe melon infused into a delicate gin, finished with cucumber. We have tried a lot of these, and we are now drinking them for fun. Each sip has a pronounced journey from a muted sweetness from the melon to a herbaceous end from the cucumber. The vermouth fattens out the flavour, while the bitters and the liqueur give the drink a lot of depth.

Allergen: sulphur dioxide and sulphites
Vegan: No

We couldn't be more pleased with where we have ended up with this, and we have been impatiently waiting for ageing tests to complete so that we can offer it to you. That work is one, and the Point Blank is now on the menu. Offered as a 250ml limited edition, Point Blank retails for £20.00 and is available now.

The Point Blank is based on an original recipe by Jillian Vose of Dead Rabbit in New York. We were inspired by her infusion recipe and went from there. Let's hope we are all able to get one of her Irish Coffees at the bar there soon.