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Simplifying Service for Caterers

Professional catering teams delivering cocktails at scale face a host of problems - training, consistency, wasted ingredients, speed of serve, and much else. In the challenging environment of delivering an event, it's another set of headaches.

We believe we can help. We know you're already aware of the situation - some of your team can make nice cocktails, but it's unlikely that everyone will make them the same way, it can be a little slow, and it is very likely that there will be ingredients left over that are a sunk cost that has to be managed some way.

We are not the first company to make batched cocktails to address these challenges of training, consistency, and cost recovery. We invest a lot in ingredients, and we make the drinks by hand. Every Espresso Martini has hand pulled espresso in it. Every Margarita has freshly squeezed lime juice in it, and so on. We honestly don't think you could make a better batched cocktail, and we hope that's what our caterer partners think too.

We have two menus. One is made up of cocktails that contain fresh ingredients that must be made and consumed on the same day. These have no degradation in the first 24 hours, so we make them early in the morning and deliver them ready for serving that day:

    • Bramble
    • Cosmopolitan
    • Daiquiri
    • Gimlet
    • Mai Tai
    • Margarita
    • Porn Star Martini
    • Rum Punch

      • Minimum order quantity is 5L.

We have a second menu of ambient cocktails, that we are well known for. We always have these drinks on hand. These just need ice and a stir, apart from the Espresso Martini which needs a shake:

    • Espresso Martini
    • Manhattan
    • Negroni
    • Rum Old Fashioned
    • Vesper Martini

      • Minimum order quantity is 500ml.

All just need glassware, ice and garnish for service. Everything else is done. We use only the best spirits and other ingredients, and have only five star reviews from the caterers we work with now.

Orders for fresh cocktails must be received at least two weeks in advance to ensure we have all ingredients on hand. We are open to bespoke production if your guests have specific seasonal or themed requirements.

Same day delivery charged at cost - we prefer Currently we can only deliver inside the M25, sorry. 

For all enquiries please contact Myatt’s Fields Cocktails at 07780 520380 or

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