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The Irresistible Minibar Upgrade


Are you tired of offering the same old minibar options to your guests? Do you want to provide an unforgettable experience that will keep them coming back for more?

Our beautifully packaged, bottled cocktails are the perfect addition to any hotel minibar or room service menu. With a range of 18 expertly crafted cocktails, including classic favourites like the Manhattan and Negroni, you can offer your guests a taste of luxury without the need for any training for your staff or guests.

Our spirit-forward cocktails have a shelf life of years, making them the perfect addition to your minibar offerings. Plus, with an attractive margin on each sale, you can increase your revenue while providing an exceptional guest experience.

As the leading bottled cocktail maker in England, our cocktails are proudly stocked in prestigious retailers like Fortnum & Mason. And now, you can offer your guests the same level of quality and sophistication.

Try our 250ml Espresso Martini with a shaker, ice, and two glasses as part of room service, or our 50ml Negroni in the minibar. With these cocktails, your guests will enjoy a premium drinking experience from the comfort of their own room.

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