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The Irresistible Minibar Upgrade


The cocktail craze isn’t going anywhere.

Myatt’s Fields Cocktails deliver the best in bottled cocktails, beautifully packaged, and ready for your guest to enjoy in their room or at the bar.

A perfect serve every time, with no need for training, either for your staff or your guests.

We offer a range of 12 cocktails. These ones will be perfect for your mini bar:

50ml Manhattan
50ml Negroni
50ml Rum Old Fashioned
50ml Desert Negroni

These will be perfect for room service:

250ml Espresso Martini, with shaker, ice, and two glasses
250ml Negroni, with two rocks glass and ice bucket
250ml Vesper Martini, with mixing jug, ice, and two glasses

As spirit forward cocktails, our drinks have a shelf life of years.

Our cocktails deliver a wonderful experience that livens up the traditional minibar, while also delivering a very attractive margin. That actual number will depend on the price point you feel your clientele would be happy with, but as an example:

50ml Negroni | Wholesale price £2.50 | Hotel RRP £9.00
250ml Espresso Martini | Wholesale price £9.00 | Hotel RRP £25.00

Myatt’s Fields Cocktails are the leading bottled cocktail maker in England. Our cocktails are proudly stocked in Fortnum & Mason, and many other discerning retailers across the country.

We have samples for you to try. Please get in touch with us to discuss a new extension to the service at your establishment. Call Clemency on 07780 520380, or email us at